Scuba Diving Cenotes Dos Ojos

Cave Diving in Mexico

It is truly an unforgettable experience to Scuba Dive in one of the most popular Cenotes around the Riviera Maya. Due to it’s underwater archaeology, formations, history and accessibility; Dos Ojos Cenotes have become famous all around the globe.

Two awesome Cavern Dives

Water access at Cenotes Dos Ojos. Entry and Exit.

Stairway to Water.

Cave Diving in Mexico

Scuba Diving in Cenotes Dos Ojos



One is the “Barbie Line” which extends for about 500mts/1650 feet with a maximum depth of 9mts/ 30 feet. Has lots of natural light, fossils, gigantic formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, huge columns  and of course “the Madona”. This dive takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Natural Sun Light Photography Diving in Cenotes

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Cenotes Dos Ojos


Then there is “The Bat Cave” line is usually the second dive, with huge rooms filled with large Speleothems. The actual Bat Cave is a big air pocket with a connection to the surface where you can come up and appreciate the beautiful formations on the ceiling and see fossilized corals, conches and shells. The Bat Cave line is about 450mts/1500 feet long, has a maximum depth of  9 mts / 30 feet and it takes about 40 minutes of bottom time.

Diving UnderGround near Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Cenotes Dos Ojos


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